High priority job(s) for FBC

During the last days MSP completed a high priority job(s) for FBC

We were called out to remove some expected entanglement from the propeller of a tug “Dutch Pearl” and to recover a broken spud pole of a barge (approx. 6 ton)

The spud pole was well recovered but the expected entanglement showed to be related to two highly damaged props.

We discussed the issue with the client and suggested to cut of the blade tips. The client evaluated and came back requesting our suggested service which resulted in MSP cutting of all 4 blade tips on the PS prop. and 2 opposite blades of the PS prop.

After completing the job the Dutch Pearl went out on the job where we called them for their feedback which was all positive. All vibrations are corrected and the nice vessel is 100% back in business.

Happy Customer 🙂