Eyk-Uwe Pap
Director, JV representative

+49 172 3040540
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The joint venture has been formed for serving the cross-border Fehmarnbelt construction project. By establishing Marine Service Partners, some of Northern Europe’s leading marine solution providers will combine their resources and expertise for this project.

A project of this magnitude requires international collaboration, by combining our complementary capacities, know-how and services we are offering customized marine solutions for the entire lifecycle of the project on both the Danish and the German side.
Furthermore we share our knowledge of the labour market and business practices in both countries.”

The broad range of services comprises the different work disciplines of the partners through all parts of the project such as service, maintenance, repair, marine logistics combined with proven safety management and procedures for work environment.
Marine Service Partners will offer a 24/7 service on site with vessels, boats, barges, divers etc. on both the Danish and German side.